Signature Weight Control | Markham, ON

Most of us put on weight as we age, and have little to no control over our weight gain as the pounds/kilos accumulate over the years. Did you know that 50% of people are on a diet right now? And most individuals stop and start a diet 4 times each year – while only 1% of people who lose weight will sustain that weight loss for more than a decade.

Signature Weight Control is a customized weight loss and maintenance program developed by leading hormone expert Dr. George Arnold that enables men and women over the age of forty to achieve and sustain control of their weight. It is a revolutionary new and customized weight loss method that will shatter many of your long-held beliefs regarding losing weight.

Signature Weight Control is an individualized program focused on your lifestyle, that will help you reduce unwanted fat, drop pounds/kilos, drop inches and keep the weight off long-term.

If you would like to finally get control of your weight and maintain your results – without starving yourself or exercising yourself to death – Signature Weight Control is for you. Stop wasting money on diet pills and supplements that don’t work, costly meal plans that are unsuccessful, and expensive exercise equipment and gym memberships that yield no results. Invest in yourself and schedule a consultation at Signature Wellness in Markham, ON – and take the first step to controlling your weight for life, today!