Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy | Markham, ON

Nearly every function and process in a man’s body – including sexual arousal and performance – are governed by male hormones. So when a man experiences a hormone imbalance – such as Low Testosterone (“Low T”) – he may experience serious negative effects, such erectile dysfunction (“ED”). And, male hormone deficiency not only affects sexual function, but can also lead to low energy, “brain fog,” decreased muscle mass, fat gain and many more serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, bone loss and more.

Unfortunately, a man’s testosterone levels reach their peak around the young age of 18 or 19 – and then gradually decline throughout the remainder of adulthood. By the age of 30 men’s testosterone levels are declining on average about 1 percent per year. But bioidentical male hormone replacement therapy is a 100% natural and highly effective means of restoring a man’s hormones – for improved sexual vitality, energy and overall health and wellness.

Dr. Arnold started to see and treat men as a result of his female patients asking: “Dr. Arnold you have to help my partner, now that you have helped me, he can’t keep up!” Now, many years later, men make up a growing part of Dr. Arnold’s hormone replacement practice.

Dr. George Arnold at Signature Wellness in the greater Toronto area is one of the leading proponents of natural, bioidentical hormone therapy for treating men’s hormone decline. He understands the process of diagnosing and identifying the imbalance, and then applying the proper corrective measures. In addition, Dr. Arnold is an expert in treating thyroid and adrenal disorders with natural hormone therapies.

If you would like to get your hormones back in balance – and restore your health, energy and quality of life – schedule a consultation to discuss bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with Dr. Arnold at Signature Wellness in Markham, ON today.