Better Your Baby | Prenatal Nutrition

As a practicing OBGYN for 30 years Dr. Arnold is frequently asked: “What prenatal vitamin is best for me?” Or, “Doctor, what prenatal vitamin would you recommend for me?” These are great questions!

Prenatal vitamins were introduced in the 1970s when regular multivitamins had folic acid added to them. With the addition of folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects (eg. Spina bifida), these vitamins were renamed and marketed as “prenatal vitamins”.

But for the past several years, Dr. Arnold has been testing for vitamin levels in his many pregnant patients – and researching currently available prenatal vitamins – reaching some important and groundbreaking conclusions about prenatal vitamin support. After correcting prenatal vitamin deficiencies for many years by adding in additional supplements to the prenatal vitamin already being used, Dr. Arnold has taken these findings and formulated a new prenatal vitamin to make a difference.

Dr. Arnold is proud to introduce to you “Better Your Baby – Essentials”, a physician-formulated prenatal vitamin with enough of each of the components to correct deficiencies that are usually found in pregnant women. Read more about the ingredients below, schedule a prenatal consultation at Signature Wellness in Markham, ON or SHOP ONLINE for Better Your Baby Essentials prenatal vitamins today!