Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy | Markham, ON

A woman’s hormones regulate virtually every aspect of her health and wellbeing. So, when hormone production declines or is out of balance, a woman can suffer serious side-effects and health complications. Weight gain, memory problems, aging skin, low energy, loss of sex drive, vaginal pain, thyroid problems, osteoporosis and much more are linked to hormone deficiencies.

Menopause and perimenopause are the most common cause of hormone imbalances in women, but women of almost any age can also be affected by insufficient hormone production due to a variety of health, environmental and lifestyle factors. At Signature Wellness in the greater Toronto area, Dr. Arnold offers customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to naturally replace missing hormones – alleviating symptoms and restoring the body to optimal functioning. All natural bioidentical hormones are the safest and most effective method of hormone replacement.

In almost 30 years as an OBGYN Dr. Arnold has amassed a tremendous body of knowledge and experience in treating women experiencing the stress and discomfort of peri-menopause, menopause and other causes of hormone decline. He is now one of the leading proponents of natural, bioidentical hormone therapy for treating these cases, and understands the process of diagnosing and identifying the imbalance, and then applying the proper corrective measures. In addition, Dr. Arnold is an expert in treating thyroid and adrenal disorders with natural hormone therapies.

If you would like to get your hormones back in balance – and restore your health, energy and quality of life – schedule a consultation to discuss bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with Dr. Arnold at Signature Wellness in Markham, ON today.